WordPress website hacked?

WordPress website hacked? Unfortunately WordPress, the most popular online content management platform, both for small blogs and for big sites, is in the crosshairs of hackers.

You can use our team skills to scan the site, find malicious payloads or malware and put your website in security.


Hacked WordPress site: the hints of a hacker attack

How to understand if you are a victim of a hacker attack on WordPress?
There are many warning signs that indicate that your site has been infected and, in principle, it is possible to identify a series of common anomalies on WordPress:

  • Blacklist warnings from Google, Bing and McAfee
  • Abnormal browser behavior
  • Spam in the contents of search engines
  • Notification of site suspension by the host website
  • File changes or integrity issues
  • Warnings in Google search results (SEO poisoning)

Quick and fast

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