How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Site with Plugins!


How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Site with Plugins!

Thanks to the continuous development of the WordPress platform and the birth of numerous plugins, nowadays it is easier than ever to create a multilingual WordPress site.

There are several reasons why you decide to create or translate a website.
For example, if you create a new website within a state where more than one official language is spoken, you are practically obliged to create a multilingual website. Or you could think about translating your website to expand and be able to reach as many people as possible.

As you know WordPress by default is not multi-language, this means that if you want to translate your website, you will have to go through plugins or you will have to make another website (using another domain), but this solution is really expensive, both in terms of money and energy.

In this article today you will find out which ones are the best WordPress plugins (free or not) that will help you to translate your website easily and without wasting much time.

1) WPML (Premium) – WordPress Multilingual

With over 40+ languages supported and with the possibility of adding new ones, it is easy to understand why WPML is the most popular and well known plugin for those who want to create a multilingual WordPress site.

With this plugin you can change the current language thanks to a simple selector that you can insert where you want in your website thanks to the use of widgets.

Let’s see why you should decide to use the WPML plugin:

  1. It’s complete – you can translate everything, posts, pages and even the menus and texts of the themes.
  2. It is compatible with all WordPress themes
  3. Unlimited support – for any problem you can contact the support service and get help

Essentially the WPML plugin will create a new URL for each page / article so that it is reachable by the user according to the selected language.

This plugin is really great and complete, but unfortunately it is not free but I can assure you that it is worth the money it costs.

With the basic version which currently costs $ 29 you can:

  • Translate posts, pages and custom fields
  • Translate tags and categories
  • Translate the WordPress menu
  • Detect the user’s language based on the browser used

Once you have purchased and activated the plugin, you can immediately start translating all the texts you want.
I invite you to visit the official website for more information, press the button below.

2) Polylang (Freeware) – WordPress Multilingual

Polylang is the completely free plugin that I received a good success among WordPress users. Currently it is a valid alternative to WPML.

One thing that I want to tell you right away is that this plugin will not translate anything automatically, so you’ll have to translate everything by hand, page by page.

As for WPML also with Polylang you will have the possibility to insert a selector in your web pages, even if graphically it is not very nice, you can go to modify its appearance by modifying the CSS code.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of using Polylang.


  • It’s completely free
  • Offers a good level of support
  • You can translate pages, articles, menus, tags and much more…


  • The plugin was developed by one person only. If this stops being interested in this plugin, it will be difficult for new updates to come out.
  • The documentation is a bit ‘poor
  • Some themes conflict with the plugin (it does not work properly)

Once you have downloaded and installed this plugin, you can immediately start translating your content into the desired language.

All in all, Polylang is a complete plugin that is worth trying.

3) qTranslate (Freeware) – WordPress Multilingual

mqTranslate was developed based on the famous plugin (no longer working) qTranslate.

qTranslate was downloaded from the WordPress directory for about 1.4 million times and was the most popular plugin for those who wanted to create a multilingual WordPress site. Today mqTranslate has taken its place and fortunately the developers keep updated the plugin.

It supports infinite languages ​​that can be easily created / modified and deleted via a dedicated control panel. All you need to do is activate the plugin and start translating your content.

The advantages are:

  • It’s completely free
  • You can change language with 1-click mouse
  • You can translate your texts automatically (even if the translation will not be perfect)
  • You can customize languages ​​without going to touch the .mo files
  • You can choose from 3 different link structures to make your site seo-friendly

The disadvantages are:

  • No real support is available

To date over 100,000 people have downloaded this plugin from the WordPress directory and got an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Not bad I would say!

You just have to go and try this plugin. What it costs you, it’s free!