How to Index a Site on Google


How to Index a Site on Google

” How can I index a site on Google?”

Many of the users who are subscribed to the mailing list of this website ask me this question and today I finally decided to write this article for them and for all those people who do not know how to index a website on search engines.

Before going to see the more technical part, let’s start by saying that there are essentially 2 ways that you can index a site on Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo for example.

These 2 methods are:

  1. Create a Sitemap of your website.
  2. Index the site using the webmaster tools offered by Google.

“Ok very well but .. what is a Sitemap?”

Very simple: it is a file in .xml format that contains all the links that are present in your website. Soon I’ll explain how you can easily create this file.

Indexing a site on Google: But what does it mean?

Yes, I would like to explain in simple terms what exactly means the term “index” as many users confuse the indexing with the positioning on search engines.

Well pay utmost attention.

Indexing a website means that you want your website to appear within Google’s SERP (search results). This has absolutely nothing to do with positioning!

Positioning a website instead means: making sure that one’s own article or content manages to “climb the rankings” in such a way as to be able to arrive in the first results of Google.

To place a website, it takes more than just indexing.

How to Index a Site on Google with the Sitemap

Generating the Sitemap of your website is definitely the fastest method and at the same time the most effective that you can use in order to index your website completely automatically.

If you have also created your website using our favorite WordPress platform, I’m going to indicate a very useful and lightweight plugin that will allow you to create your Sitemap without you having to do anything. Yes, you will simply have to install it and activate it and the rest will take care of it.

The plugin in question is called “Google XML Sitemaps“.
Click on the name to be able to view and download the plugin.

Once you have downloaded the plugin, install it and activate it on your website. If you are a beginner and you do not know how to do it, I suggest you read this other article first, which can surely be useful for you: What are plugins and how to install them ?

Alternatively, if you have not created your website using WordPress (I doubt it), I suggest you use the completely online and free service offered .

Generating the Sitemap is very simple:

  1. Enter the link of your website in the “Starting url” section.
  2. Press the “Start” button .

The system will create the map of your website in a very short time. Once this procedure is finished, download the generated file and insert it in the main folder of your website. The famous “root” to be clear.

How to Index a Site Using Webmaster Tools Offered by Google

Also this second method is very valid for you that you want to know how to index a site on Google.

First of all (if you have not already done so), register your website at this address: Google Webmaster Tools.

Once you’ve done this, go to the section: Scan> View as Google.

Insert all the links of your website that you want to index and click on the “Recover” button . Finished.

By simply doing this, Google will index your web pages in no time.

Personal note: in short I suggest you go to use the Sitemap method as it allows you to index your website quickly through a simple .xml file that (as we have seen) is created automatically.

With this second method instead you have to go every time to tell Google when you have created a new content. What if you forget !? Your page will not be indexed.

How to See if the Site has been Indexed State

Ok, now that you understand how to index a website on Google and other search engines, you must go to check that your content has been effectively indexed properly.

Important note: once you have indexed your site using one of the 2 methods that I have indicated to you, it will take days or even weeks (if your website has been created recently) before the search engines become aware of you. So I suggest you check the status of indexing not before 2 weeks.


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