How to insert an Calendar Event in WordPress


How to insert an Calendar Event in WordPress

Are you looking for a great plugin that allows you to insert an event calendar in WordPress? In this article I have listed for you those that are the most used plugins of the network that will allow you to create an event calendar on your website with ease.

So you will not have to waste precious time looking for which plugins can do for you or not. With one of these plugins, make sure you can do anything you want. Then of course, there is also the graphic aspect that counts but those are personal tastes.

Before leaving I wanted to make a small clarification: the plugins that I have listed, are not in order of importance, indeed, they are all very valid. Let’s see what they are together.

1) The Calendar Events

The Calendar Events is without a doubt the most popular, downloaded and reviewed plugin that will allow you to insert an event calendar in WordPress. They are more than 300,000+ people who currently are using it!

But let’s look beyond the numbers and let’s see what this plugin will allow you to do.

The main features of this plugin are:

  • You can create events quickly
  • You can search for events
  • You can integrate Google Maps
  • Insert a widget that shows upcoming events
  • It is completely compatible with all devices (100% mobile responsive)
  • It has been translated into Italian
  • There are debugging options (for developers)
  • Much more..

These are just some of the features of this plugin. In addition to this, developers have added additional features to the event calendar in order to cover any type of needs. To know more about this plugin, I suggest you go to see the official card by clicking on the button below.

2) All-in-One Event Calendar

Another very good plugin that will allow you to insert an events calendar in WordPress is All-in-One Event Calendar. This plugin was created by the Timely team and is a modern and at the same time very powerful plugin.

In fact, there are many features that will help you create and manage your events as you wish. In addition in the premium version you can do a lot of other interesting things but let’s say that already with the free basic version you can already do a lot.

Here are the features of All-in-One Event Calendar:

  • You can filter events by tag and category
  • Easy to share on social networks
  • You can import events from Google Calendar, MS Outlook etc.
  • It is highly customizable
  • Has the agenda view: month, week, day.
  • You can insert a widget that shows incoming events
  • It is optimized for SEO

In short, we are talking about a very complete plugin. If you are interested, I suggest you try this plugin and I assure you that you will be able to create your events calendar in WordPress exactly as you wish.

Visit the official page, have also created a video presentation so you can better understand what you can do with this plugin.

3) WordPress Event Calendar

WordPress Event Calendar is one of the few plugins to be completely free! This does not mean that it is a low quality plugin, indeed, you can do a lot of useful things and you can even customize your calendar as you like.

The developers have done a good thing for those who do not know which plugins to choose. They give you the opportunity to preview a demonstration of the plugin directly on their website. You can view it by following this link: Demonstration of the plugin.

Among the features of this plugin we find:

  • 100% compatible with all devices (mobile responsive)
  • You can create an unlimited number of calendars and events
  • You can show upcoming events via a convenient customizable widget
  • Possibility of visualization from 1 to 4 views: list, month, week, day
  • You can create categories and assign events to them
  • You have the possibility to include HTML to the description of the event
  • Much more..

As you can also see the WordPress Event Calendar plugin is not less than the others listed above, it’s all about seeing what you like most. View the demo of this plugin or click on the button below to see the details.

4) Event Calendar

The WordPress Event Calendar plugin to tell the truth was developed a few years ago but they have always kept up to date and is still one of the most used plugins for those who want to go to insert an events calendar in WordPress.

As you can see from the video that I put you below, this is not a highly customizable plugin but it is still a plugin that does its job. If you want to have a website that is fast, WordPress Event Calendar could be for you!

Here are some of the things you can do with this plugin:

  • You can show the events with a view: month, week, day
  • You can copy, duplicate or clone events
  • Supports repetition of events that can be viewed on the calendar
  • You can create categories
  • You can filter events by category
  • You can set the time format
  • You can enter a direct link to Google Maps
  • You can give other people the chance to create their own events

In short, you will not be able to customize this plugin too much as regards the graphic aspect but as a function I must say that it could be useful. Look at the plugin tab and if you’re interested, try it. What it costs you, it’s free!

5) Event Calendar WD

Whether you have only one single event a day to show on your events calendar in WordPress or you want to go and insert different ones, the Event Calendar WD plugin offers you the possibility to do this in a very simple and elegant way.

Basically this plugin does not offer many options but if you do not have big claims, you could try it. The developers also created a premium version of the plugin (paid) where they went to add a lot more features.

However, I’ll list what are the basic features if you decide to try the free plugin.

The main features are:

  • It has been translated into Italian
  • It has been optimized for SEO
  • It is compatible with all devices (mobile responsive)
  • You can create tags
  • You can create categories
  • Offers integration with Google Maps
  • You can search for events
  • It has 4 different views: list, month, week and day

Below you can see the video that created the developers so you can understand if this plugin can do for you or not.

Do you like this plugin? Start creating your event calendar in WordPress with Event Calendar WD! Click on the button to view the plugin tab and to be able to download it for free.