How To Install WordPress Theme: Choose Your Best Way!


If you were wondering how to install WordPress Theme, you arrived on the right page because we will explain you how to make it.

Firstly a small clarification: to go and install a WordPress theme obviously you must have installed this platform within your hosting space. If you haven’t done it, we have written a guide to this and I invite you to download it.

To install your theme on WordPress you will find three ways:

  • by uploading the theme to WordPress from wp-admin
  • installing a WordPress theme using FTP
  • installing a WordPress theme from the bulletin board

How to choose WordPress theme to install

Before showing you how to install a WordPress plugin we would like to explain you how to choose your theme.

It is true that there are many themes available completely free, however you have to know that most of them aren’t developed professionally and you can find bugs or no support from developers.

For this reason we suggest you to go to Themeforest and choose one premium theme with good feedback. They are very cheap and very powerful.

Installing a theme by uploading it to WordPress

If you have bought a theme on Themeforest or if you have bought it from other websites, installing the theme by uploading it to WordPress, could be the faster solution.

To do this you simply need login to your website “wp-admin” and, in the left menu, choose “Appearance > Themes”. Then search the button “Add New” and then “Upload Theme”.

Click on the “Choose file” button and select the file (.zip I recommend) of the theme you purchased or downloaded somewhere else. Click on the “Install Now” button to load the theme onto WordPress.

If everything will have worked you will receive a positive message. Click on “Activate” to start using your new theme on WordPress.

Installing a WordPress theme from FTP

This procedure is for users a little more advanced as it requires the use of an external program for the management of your hosting files.
Sometimes it can happen that WordPress does not load the theme correctly from the administration panel and so if you happen, follow this procedure and you will be able to install the theme without problems.

The first thing you need to have is access data to your FTP account so that you can manage all the files that are within your hosting remotely. This data was sent to you by your hosting provider when you went to buy it. If you can not find them, you can go and retrieve them in the Files> FTP accounts section of the cPanel.

Once you have this data, download and open Filezilla software (you can download it clicking here). Configure it to connect to your web hosting and once this is done click on “Connect”.

Look for the folder wp-content> themes and upload here the main theme folder (unzip the zip file).
At this point all you have to do is going to the Appearance > Themes section of your WordPress admin panel and go to activate your new theme.

Installing a WordPress theme from the bulletin board

The simplest method used(especially for those approaching for the first time to WordPress) is going and choose the theme you want through your WordPress bulletin board. This platform in fact offers you hundreds if not thousands of themes in a completely free way.

To go to choose the theme that best suits you, log in to your website ( and click on the item Appearance> Themes .

From this screen you could search your best theme or filter them.

The thing that I advise you to do is to click on the item “Feature Filter” so that you can go and decide which features must have the theme you want to install.
Check then all the items you want and when you are satisfied, press the “Apply filters” in order to make only appear the themes related to the filters you have selected.

When you have chosen your theme move your mouse on it a click on “Install” and then on “Activate” to start using the theme.