Internet domain registration and hosting: here are the best sites in the world!


Internet domain registration and hosting: here are the best sites in the world!

Making a domain registration and hosting is really a breeze. The problem, however, is that you also need to know where to buy these services and above all you have to go and evaluate the cost.

In this guide today I’m going to introduce those that are in my opinion the best websites in the world where you can go to make a domain registration and hosting being sure to make the right choice.

Yes, because not only will we see what are the best companies but I will also explain well in detail why you should choose one rather than the other. Then of course you will be the one to make your choice, I will limit myself to sharing with you what are my knowledge based on years of online work.

Having said that I would say to start immediately explaining to you first what exactly a domain and a hosting service so as to clarify immediately the ideas. Then you can move on to registering an internet domain and you can even decide to take up the hosting if you have not yet purchased it.

What is an internet domain and web hosting

Most likely you already know what an internet domain is , but if you do not know the domain is nothing but the name of the web address you want to give to your site.

The structure of the internet domain consists of 4 words :

  • The protocol (http or https)
  • The www. (world Wide Web)
  • The name of the domain
  • The extension of the domino (.it .com .net etc)

The important thing to do when you go to make a registration of an internet domain, will be to choose the exact name and the extension you want to give to your website.
There are many extensions you can choose from but the main ones are .it , .net , .com and .org .

Basically, we say that if you want to create a website in Italian, you always use the .it extension, also because it is the easiest to remember compared to the others.

Beware that if the internet domain name you want to choose for your website has already been taken, you could always decide to keep that name but to change its extension only.
Usually you know that if .it is not available, choose .net.

The .com extension, on the other hand, is often used for commercial activities or for multilingual sites, ie those sites that have been translated into different languages.

The .org is finally used only for non-profit organizations or for that group of people who aim to achieve something non-profit, that is without thinking of an economic return.

Hosting, on the other hand, is just the web space you need to put your website online.
There are different types but for you that you are very good at the beginning also shared hosting.

How to register a web domain

To register a web domain you only need 5 minutes of your time and the procedure for buying the domain is really very simple and straightforward.

Usually the steps you need to do are the following:

  • Visit the provider’s website where you want to buy the internet domain
  • Enter the domain name you want to register
  • Choose the extension
  • Check to see if the domain is available
  • Proceed with the purchase

Simple, no ?! It’s all about finding the right name to give to your website and going to make sure that the name is actually available. If someone else has already taken it, you can opt to simply change the domain extension.

As for the prices for the registration of an internet domain, know that they vary a lot depending on the extension and the provider you choose. However, let’s say that to register a .it domain, you usually never spend more than 10-15 € a year .

Last thing: if you did not know the internet domain is renewed annually but as you have noticed is not that it is a huge expense to be incurred. Then know that there are also companies that give you the domain for life if you decide to buy the hosting with them.

Internet domain registration in Italy or abroad?

Surely you will be asked if it is better for you to register an internet domain in Italy or abroad. Well, there are many providers out there, both Italians and foreigners but between us know that there is no difference in registering your web domain with an Italian company or not.

The advice that I can give you instead is not to stay focused only on the purchase of the Internet domain but think more than anything else where you can buy domino and hosting together.

In fact, surely if you are going to buy your first internet domain, you will also have to buy a hosting service that allows you to host your website no !? Here, the choice of the right hosting is the thing to here you have to pay more attention and tells you one that has tried different.

Do not worry, however, that you can register your .it domain even in companies that are not located in Italy. Usually all the best companies are able to provide you with all the extensions available on the market.

Why register internet domain and hosting together?

Making a domain registration and hosting together is the best thing you can do if you are about to make your first project online. This is because you do not do anything about an internet domain without your web space. A site needs both things to work properly.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that if you go to buy an internet domain at a company and hosting at another, you will have to configure the domain so that it is connected to your web space and this it is not a very simple operation to do if you do not understand it a little.

In addition to this it is better to buy the web domain and hosting together because certain companies allow you to register the domain for free and more for you will remain active for life without having to pay any annual renewal.

In short, buying domain and hosting definitely saves you money and you’ll have everything at one company.

1. (FREE internet domain for one year!) in my opinion is by far the best company on the market for hosting and registering an internet domain .

I talk about it very well in this blog because I myself am one of their clients and I can assure you that since I moved my site from ServerPlan to SiteGround , I took a big leap forward with regards to the loading speed of my website.

As for the hosting service you can read my review on SiteGround .

For the registration of an internet domain instead know that this company is able to provide you the web domain in a completely free if you buy a hosting plan with them.

Perhaps you are wondering, “it seems too good to be true”.
Instead know that it is just like that and the price of hosting does not cost much! If this is the first time you have registered an internet domain, I suggest you take the ” StartUp ” package which costs only € 3.95 / month.

For this price you will have at your disposal an internet domain and a hosting that, in the opinion of many, offers excellent performances.

There are not many companies out there that can afford to offer you a service of this type at a price so advantageous, most of them makes you register the domain for free but then after a year (when you need to renew the service) , you will have to pay the cost of renewal of the domain!

Of course we always talk about very small figures as we said (maximum € 15 / year per domain) but if you can save money without losing quality, why not do it?

Moreover SiteGround can boast of being one of the few hosting companies to be advised directly by the developers of the WordPress platform.

See for yourself from here: WordPress recommends SiteGround .

2. Bluehost (FREE domain)

Bluehost is another of the top companies in the world where you can register an internet domain and hosting together. I put it second only because the hosting service offered by this company is not comparable with that of SiteGround if you have to work with the Italian market.

In fact, know that Bluehost has no server located near Italy and for this reason your website will put us slightly more to charge if you decide to buy domain and hosting with them.

In any case, do not be scared by this because Bluehost is able to offer you an excellent service compared to its competitors. The strengths of this company are:

Company active since 2002
Over 2 million websites are operated by Bluehost
Free lifetime domain if you also purchase hosting
WordPress installation with 1-Click
30 days trial satisfied or reimbursed
In addition to this it must also be said that Bluehost as for SiteGround , is among the recommended hosting by WordPress developers. This means that the hosting service that they are able to offer, fits perfectly with the needs of the WordPress platform.

In other words, with Bluehost you can rest assured that your entire website will be optimized to the best in terms of performance and functionality.

3. GoDaddy (a leading company to register a domain)

GoDaddy is a company that was founded back in 1999 and was one of the first to offer the web domain registration and hosting service. Today it can rightly boast of having served over 13 million customers and having 62 million domains currently under management.

Over the years, the website has been translated into 54 different languages, among which you can also find the Italian language. If you do not know how to speak English I’m sure you’ll be fine if you decide to register an internet domain at GoDaddy .

Purchasing hosting for a period of at least 12 months, GoDaddy also gives you the domain. The prices of their packages vary a lot depending on what your needs are. It starts from the base plan which costs € 4.87 / month up to € 9.75 / month for the most advanced plan.

Then of course, if you are a more demanding user are able to offer you also VPS servers and even private servers but I do not think this is your case. In any case, know that it is definitely a serious company and I can offer you the service you need.

Then GoDaddy unlike other hosting companies such as SiteGround or Bluehost , provides you with customer support completely in Italian . So if you ever have problems with your website, do not worry, they will help you.

Support is available via ticket and also by telephone.

4. Hostgator (the blue web crocodile)

Another valid alternative to the above companies is definitely Hostgator . Have you ever seen the blue crocodile you see in the image above? Well know that this is the symbol that distinguishes this company from all others. In fact, if you try to visit their website you will see it practically everywhere.

I have to tell you the truth, the first website I created for myself was located on the HostGator servers. I tell you this because then I moved on ServerPlan servers and finally on SiteGround . Not because I was wrong but because I had other needs. Let’s say that my site had grown a lot and so I had to move to a better hosting.

But know that I had registered domino and hosting with them and I had the opportunity to try the service for over a year. Of course I can not complain about the quality, honestly I always found myself very well and I have never had great difficulty.

At the beginning I did not mean much about hosting and so you know, I went a little “nose” as if to say. Precisely for this reason I would advise you to register an internet domain at this company if the others (SiteGround, Bluehost and GoDaddy) do not think they are right for you.

The cost for registering an internet domain is at the level of other companies so it is not that much cost . As usual if you need to register the internet domain and you must also take the hosting, I always recommend you make a single purchase. The choice is yours.

5. Keliweb (the fox of web domains and hosting)

Until now I went to introduce you to the best international companies where you can buy domain and hosting. Now it’s time to see what are the best Italian companies.

At the top of the list I wanted to reward Keliweb as this is one of the few companies in Italy to be constantly evolving, which is not a small thing because it makes you understand how serious this company is.

Of course, even the services offered are of an excellent standard. At KeliWeb you can go and register the internet domain and you can also decide to take up your hosting together because the basic plan is perfect for those who are just starting out and it is cheap.

Included in the basic hosting package (only € 19 / year + VAT), they also give you the registration of a domain for the first year.

Another great advantage that a company like Keliweb can offer you is that if you decide to buy their services, you will have at your disposal a customer support completely in Italian available for you every day of the week.

You can contact them by ticket, by chatting directly with them or you can simply hear them over the phone.

6. ServerPlan

The last company that I want to mention where you can go to buy your internet domain and hosting is ServerPlan .

In the past I had the pleasure of trying their hosting service even if I had registered the internet domain with GoDaddy . So I had the domain connected to another hosting company, which I do not recommend doing because it’s always good to have everything in one place.

In any case, hosting at that time was quite fast even if I then noticed a fairly significant difference when switching to SiteGround . If you are at the beginning, however, surely you will not receive thousands of visits per day on your website and therefore even a hosting service like this can be good for you.

Then of course, when the site grows you can always change company as I did.

But I have to tell you that recently on my article about the best Italian hosting , I had some users who wrote to me telling me that ServerPlan’s customer support is not what it used to be .

Now, I do not know if this is true because I have not used their hosting services for some time. I suggest you to do further research online about ServerPlan, alternatively you can register the internet domain at Keliweb .

Where to register only the internet domain

Ok, now that we have seen what are the companies where you can buy internet domino and hosting together, let’s go instead to see what are the best companies that allow you to register only the internet domain without hosting.

A small premise, however, about it: I always recommend you buy the domain and hosting together so you have everything in one place.

Then as I told you you can also get an economic advantage as there are companies like SiteGround that are able to provide you with the internet domain for free for a year!

Of course if you have questions to ask me about the above companies or if you do not know which company to choose, do not hesitate to leave your comment below the article, I will be a pleasure to help you.

1. NameCheap

NameCheap is absolutely the leading company for the registration of Internet domains only. This is because it is able to offer you super-favorable prices that other companies can not afford to offer.

Think that usually as we said, an internet domain is paid from 10 to 15 euros per year. Well with NameCheap you can even find the same domain and pay even less than half the price compared to the competition!

The only disadvantage is that unfortunately at the moment the extension .it is not available . In fact, through NameCheap, domains are usually registered with the .com .net and .org extension .

So if you do not want to have the domain and hosting at the same company and prefer to save a few euros a year, I suggest you take the domain at NameCheap that is unbeatable as far as prices are concerned.


Dominiofaidate is a 100% Italian provider specialized mainly in the registration of internet domains . As you can well guess from the name of the site, this company is based precisely on the concept of “do it yourself” and then the whole process of registration of the internet domain is completely automated.

I recommend the site for the registration of your internet domain as they are able to provide this service at a very competitive price.

For a domain with a .it extension prices start at just € 6.99 / year .

This company also offers the hosting service but honestly I never got to personally try it and therefore I refrain from giving a judgment for this type of service.

3. Aruba

Aruba has undoubtedly been the first company in Italy to offer the internet domain registration service.

Now, not for this Aruba must be the absolute leader, indeed! Yes, because if you read my article about the best hosting services in Italy , I wanted to enter this company last!

Exactly, you read correctly. SiteGround can boast of having been the first company in Italy to offer this type of service but as for hosting the service offered is really worth it .

Now, if you also have to take the hosting of course I suggest you take it on SiteGround together with the domain. But if you already have a hosting and you only have to go to buy an internet domain, then in that case I can also go to recommend a company like Aruba.

The prices of the domains are practically aligned to the competition and if you have to buy a domain with the extension .it , then this company can do for you.

For .com .net and .org domains use NameCheap which is the top.

Internet domain registration and hosting: my opinion!

We have come to the end of this detailed article on where to register an internet domain and hosting .

My personal advice as a professional is to go and buy the domain and hosting together as there are companies like SiteGround that allow you to register the domain for free for life until you have a hosting plan with them.

Obviously if a service is great then you do not have to go and change no !?

Having this website where I mainly help people manage or create their websites, I have had the opportunity to try practically all the best known hosting companies in the world and I sincerely believe that the services offered by SiteGround are the best.

That said, if you have any doubts about any company, do not be shy and leave me your comment below article that will be a pleasure for me to help you.