It’s better WordPress or Joomla? The Final Challenge!


It’s better WordPress or Joomla? The Final Challenge!

Are you still undecided about which CMS (Content Management System) is best to choose to build your website? It’s better WordPress or Joomla?

This is a good question, especially if you’re starting out and you’ve never created a website.
Even I did it when I decided to open my first blog on the internet (it’s normal) and then I went looking for information about it but did not find much.
So here I decided to write a special article for you that you are still undecided.

Continue reading this interesting article and you will eventually be able to decide which platform is best used to go to develop your website.

But before you talk about these 2 CMS, let me explain why many people want to use these platforms.

Why use WordPress or Joomla?

In the past, to create websites it was necessary to know the HTML and CSS programming languages. So, if you did not know how to program, you had to make yourself create your website by a professional and this cost you a lot of money.

Precisely for this are born several CMS platforms that help you develop your website in a very simple way and without having to put your hands in any code. Anyone who wants to have their own personal blog or website today can do it on their own, it’s really affordable for everyone.

Here are the main reasons why you choose to use a CMS:

  • Inexpensive – Many of these CMS are free.
  • Fast – You can create your blog or website in less than an hour, by yourself.
  • Easy – Anyone can do it, you do not need to know how to program.

That’s why these platforms have become so famous, because they are within everyone’s reach!
Very well, now that you know why these platforms are so used and popular, let’s see together which CMS is more for you. It’s better WordPress or Joomla?

WordPress is absolutely the CMS platform that has become the most popular in the world.
Initially created for the creation of blogs, it has developed so much that now you can really create everything from amateur blogs to sites for professionals.

He thinks that to date over 40% of sites created using a CMS have been built with WordPress. We are talking about over 60 million websites.

I’ll list below what are the advantages and disadvantages of this CMS.


  • Open Source – This platform is totally free! You will not have to pay anything, except for the web space.
  • Easy to install – Many web hosting companies allow WordPress to be installed automatically through 2 simple steps.
  • Easy to use – Thanks to the WordPress administration panel, you can manage your entire website with just a few mouse clicks. Once you have taken your hand, I can assure you that running a site created with WordPress is really a breeze.
  • Customizable – As mentioned above you can really create everything. Think that over 2000+ free themes are available to you. In addition you can really add any function to your website, thanks to the use of plugins.
  • SEO Friendly: Do you want your site to be visited by someone? Well, then you’ll have to receive visits from search engines. To do this, your CMS must like Google.

Disadvantages :

  • Security – When the source code is available to everyone (Open Source), security problems always take place. This is because the source code is available to everyone and therefore the hackers are able to exploit code errors to their advantage.


As for WordPress, also joomla enjoys a good reputation.
He thinks that since 2006 this CMS platform has been downloaded over 30+ million times.

Joomla occupies a central position as regards the Open Source community because it is the only CMS to be managed and implemented by the community itself and not by a company.

In fact it is much more than just software, Joomla is people, people! It includes developers, designers, systems managers, translators, publishers, and, most important of all, end users.

I will now introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of Joomla.


  • Easy to install – As for WordPress also Joomla can be installed in a couple of clicks through your web hosting .
  • Community – As mentioned earlier this CMS is constantly developing thanks to the contribution of its users. So, if you need a hand to do something, you can count on a vast community of enthusiasts.
  • Expandable – With Joomla you can create simple websites with a few pages or large portals. You can even create forums.
  • Free – Once you have purchased your web space, you can install Joomla completely for free!


  • Security – Even Joomla is a CMS completely free and therefore as for WordPress, it is easy to attack by hackers.
  • Complicated – Joomla is slightly more difficult to use than WordPress. More time and experience are needed to learn how to use this software to the full.

What is your choice?

In this article I have tried to describe what are the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 famous CMS. I hope I have lightened your ideas a bit.

Personally I prefer to use WordPress for several reasons. One of which is definitely because it is a very versatile platform .
You can do pretty much everything and the site always stays fast.
Of course, you must also have a good hosting service behind you.

In this regard, if you are still undecided about the purchase of a web hosting, I suggest you also read this article: 5 Best Hosting for WordPress .

Better WordPress or Joomla? The choice is yours.


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