Visual Composer for WordPress: what it is and how to use it!


Visual Composer for WordPress: what it is and how to use it!

The WordPress platform as you know is great for creating websites even if you are not very computer experts. It must be said, however, that to create highly professional pages, you have to put a little ‘hand to HTML or CSS, there is little to do.

Intente course this only if you are not going to buy a good theme premium through merketplace such ThemeForest or CodaCanyon for example. In fact, if you have already bought a good theme, surely you will have at your disposal a visual composer that helps you enormously with the creation of your web pages.

If this is not your case, let me introduce you to the Visual Composer for WordPress .

Thanks to this plugin you can now make fantastic web pages without using any HTML or CSS code.

What is the Visual Composer for WordPress

The Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin developed by the guys at WP Bakery and we say that it is substantially a visual editor much more advanced than the one that provides you with the WordPress platform.

To understand each other better: do you know when you go to write a new article on your website or when you go to create a new page? Here, instead of using the visual editor of WordPress, you can now use the Visual Composer .

Of course below I’ll explain to you in detail why the Visual Composer is much more powerful than the standard WordPress editor. Know that I use this plugin very often because it has now become a sort of standard for creating content.

In fact you must know that the Visual Composer is usually already integrated within a good Premium theme if you go to buy at ThemeForest for example.

I leave you to this short video presentation that was made by the developers of the Visual Composer for WordPress .
As you could see, thanks to the Visual Composer for WordPress you can practically create any type of web page in a very short time thanks to their “drag & drop” system, that is “take and drag”.

You simply need to select the elements you want to use and move them to your liking on the web page and then go and edit them and we’ll see it immediately in the next section of this guide. Are you ready? It starts!

How to use the Visual Composer for WordPress

As we said the Visual Composer is nothing more than a plugin for WordPress and therefore as such it must be installed. So the installation is the same one you use to install the other plugins.

Once installed, simply go to create a new article or a new web page to see the Visual Composer in action . In my case now I’m going to create a new test web page.
Here as you can see now you have 2 editors, the default WordPress and the new Visual Composer. You can switch to the new editor simply by clicking on the ” Backend Editor ” button as suggested by the plugin guidelines.

At this point you can use the Visual Composer thanks to the new section that has appeared.
Ok, now it’s time to go and “draw” the structure of your web page. To start click on the ” Add item ” button.

At this point do not be panicked by the dozens of items you can choose, start by adding a new line to your web page.

Now as you can see from the image below, click on the icon to go and decide the number of columns you wish to have on that line. Decide on what you want to add to the page.
Now comes the beautiful.

Yes, because now it’s time to go and add items to the columns. You can do this by simply pressing the icon in the form of + .
Now you just have to go and choose the element to be inserted on the page and remember that the elements can also be filtered according to the categories or simply you can search for the element through the appropriate function (search bar).

Once you have done this you will open a window where you can go to configure all the settings of the item you have chosen.

Of course the settings vary depending on the type of item you are about to add. In the image below for example I added to my web page the ” Like ” button of Facebook. As you can see, everything is really very simple.
Then if you want you can press on the ” Options Design ” tab to change the padding, the margin, add the border to your element etc .. In short, through that screen you can change the graphic appearance of your element so you can adapt to the best inside of the web page.

Then if you look at the image below, you can easily drag the element into another column or row and thanks to the small buttons located at the top right of each element or section, you can change the settings, duplicate items or you can even decide to delete them.
Ok, I think I told you everything you need to know in order to make the most of Visual Composer for WordPress . The thing that I recommend you to do now is more than anything else to go and study a moment all the elements you can use.

I know that at the beginning you will be a bit confused because there are so many of them, but if you go to learn them a little at a time, you will see that you will be able to create beautiful professional pages without using any HTML or CSS code.

The goal of those who developed the Visual Composer for WordPress was just that fact and I must say that they have fully hit! Then of course if you want to go and edit things with CSS code you can do it well if you are able because the developers have added this possibility too.

Where to download the Visual Composer

Do you like this plugin and would like to go and insert it into your website? No problem, just follow this link: Visual Composer .

The plugin as you will see costs $ 34 + VAT at the moment but for what it allows you to do it costs very little! The investment is definitely worth it, above all because the Visual Composer for WordPress will save you a lot of precious time and in addition it gives you the possibility to create magnificent pages.

Finally, if you do not know, CodeCanyon is the most famous marketplace in the world for the purchase of WordPress themes and plugins, so do not worry about it being a secure site.

The Visual Composer for WordPress in conclusion

If you were looking for a good method that would allow you to create professional-looking web pages in no time, well I think that method you found it. Thanks to the Visual Composer, as I’ve shown you, you can do a lot of interesting things.

Let’s say that you can not really compare to the visual editor that you find when you go to install WordPress for the first time, the Visual Composer is just at another level.

Let’s not forget, however, that it is thanks to WordPress that we can add all these powerful features to our website.

That said, if you have any questions to ask me about the Visual Composer, you can safely leave me your comment below the article that I am always available for my readers.


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