What is WordPress and how it works

What is WordPress

What is WordPress and how it works

If you have arrived on this article it is likely that you are trying to understand “what is WordPress and how does it work?” to assess whether it will be useful for your purposes. The first question I want to ask you is: are you going to open your own website or blog and do not want to spend a lot of money? If the answer is yes, WordPress is just what you need!
Read this article carefully and you’ll know exactly what is WordPress is and why you should start using it too.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software or rather an open source platform (free) to create websites, created in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg free download from WordPress.org.

Think about the software you have on your computer: there’s the one to watch videos, the one to surf the Internet, etc. … WordPress is used to create websites.

WordPress is installed on a hosting that is a very powerful computer always connected to the Internet and prepared for the proper functioning of such software.

There is also a version of WordPress available as a web service that can be found at WordPress.com. In this case there is no need for a hosting or to perform an installation: simply register.

The big limitation of WordPress.com is to be a closed system that does not allow you to have total control over the graphic customizations and features; you can only choose from a set of pre-set options.

Thanks to WordPress, a lot of users in the world, without being experts or programmers, manage their website independently, without having to pay hundreds of euros for a webmaster.

The problem is: how to do it?

You do not have to worry about this because if you are going to create a site too, just follow the articles that you will find in this blog.

Who uses WordPress?

The WordPress platform is used by almost anyone, we start from amateurs, up to sites for professionals. Even the blog of the “New York Times” and “CNN” are made with WordPress.

If you want to know more about who uses this platform, WordPress itself provides a special section on their website where you could check how very famous sites use this software.

You can find all the case studies at this link: WordPress Showcase.

Why you should use it too

Let’s start by saying that many people make the mistake of thinking that this platform serves only to create blogs, wrong!

The CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is able to do much more. As you have seen in the case studies that I listed before, you can really make complete site, compatible for smartphones and tablets.

But now let’s see in detail the 4 reasons why you should start using it too!

1) Easy to use

WordPress as already mentioned, is used by millions of people and there are still many people who sign up every day and create their website thanks to this popular platform.
The main reason is because it is easy to use.

The strong point of WordPress is that everyone can use it as it is very easy to manage and at the same time is very flexible. This is why this CMS has become so famous.

Think that 22.5% of the sites on the web have been built with WordPress.

2) Customizable with Themes and Plugins

Everyone wants to give a nice look to their website but the problem is: how to do it?

If you are not a graphic designer it is really difficult to “draw” your website as you wish. But here with WordPress you can do it with just a couple of mouse clicks (and I’m not exaggerating).

Just browse through your administration panel in the Appearance> Themes section to choose from hundreds if not thousands of free themes!
I would say this will please many.

Do you want to integrate a special function in your blog? Do not worry, just go to the Plugin> Add New section and find the one you need from here, you’ll find everything!

3) Safe

WordPress has been designed taking into consideration the safety factor.
But you know, the web is never really safe, but certainly you can increase the level of security of your website.

The plugin in question is iThemes Security that allows you to add over 30+ additional features that relate to security. I strongly suggest you install it if you have not done it yet, it will help you keep hackers at bay.

4) SEO Friendly

The word SEO is derived from the English acronym Search Engine Optimization that is: optimization for Search Engines.

What exactly is it?

For search engine optimization is meant: all those activities that serve to ensure that your website is positioned among the first results once a specific keyword has been searched.

WordPress developers know how much this activity interests their users and therefore have developed this CMS in a way that appeals to search engines.

If you also want to increase the number of your readers, well… you can certainly not skip the SEO factor and with WordPress you are sure that your site is indexed properly.

What is WordPress: Conclusion

If you are convinced to open a blog or a website even if you do not know anything about programming, do not have doubts … WordPress all your life!

My advice? Start with the first steps, read our blog. If you want to start with the practice, buy a hosting with wordpress installed, click here (you can start buying the cheapest package). Do not worry: for any doubt, our experts will help you.


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