WordPress Bugfix

Do you have problems with your WordPress site?
WordPress is a CMS easy and intuitive but sometimes small problems can become a challenge for your business.
Bugfix WordPress is the Time Ticket that allows you to solve any problem on your WordPress site in no time.
The intervention includes 1 hour of processing on your site by one of our WordPress experts.

How does the WordPress Bugfix work?

The WordPress Bugfix is ​​useful for solving:

  • Issues emerged following WordPress updates
  • Conflicts created by the installation of a new Plugin
  • Issues emerged following Plugins updates
  • Problems of access to the WordPress control panel
  • Problems concerning contact form
  • Fix any problems related to your WordPress site

Quick and fast

Ask us a quotation for your wordpress bugfix. We will custom our works for you need.

  • We will answer in 2 hours.
  • Fast and targeted where it is needed.
  • You will always know how much you will spend.